The upgrade for your PC
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You want to upgrade your PC?

With the PC upgrade from CSL Computer you have the possibility to replace or add various components to the basic system.

Whether a second hard drive, a more powerful graphics card or a new housing - adapt your PC system to your individual needs. Our service team will be happy to assist you in selecting the individual components.

CSL Computer PC Upgrade

PC upgrading made easy

It is not always sensible and necessary to purchase a new PC system. Often, the computer gains significant power by replacing or upgrading a few components. This is easy on the wallet and also offers the advantage of creating a PC system that is optimally tailored to your individual needs.

So the PC for gaming fans can be equipped with the latest and most powerful graphics card and the matching gamer keyboard. The requirements of computationally intensive multimedia applications are met, for example, by an SSD hard disk and an expansion of the RAM. Those who use their PC primarily for office work can benefit from an ergonomically shaped and high-quality set of keyboard and mouse.

Just choose the PC upgrade you want from our menu.

PC Upgrade - Installing a new graphics card


An important point when upgrading the PC is the compatibility of the individual components with each other. Mistakes can easily occur. Then the new graphics card does not fit into the narrow housing or the strength of the old power supply is not compatible with the new selected components. In order to avoid such problems, CSL Computer has developed a system within the framework of the upgrade options, which uses higher quality components if necessary, in order to ensure a smooth interaction of the individual system components. We show you how to make your PC system more powerful with individual hardware components at a reasonable price. PC upgrading made easy!

When upgrading your PC, you only pay the difference in price between the basic component and your desired component. The costs of the respective PC upgrade are displayed in the upgrade menu. The display of the final price is updated automatically so that you always have an overview of the total value of your order.

If you have not found the component you are looking for or if you have any other questions when selecting the upgrade options, please do not hesitate to contact our service team.

Not found the component you are looking for? Contact us - we will be happy to help you!


We will give you a detailed overview of the different PC upgrade options in the following.


PC cases are not only the basic framework for the installed hardware, but also set a visual highlight thanks to modern design. When choosing a PC case, individual taste is therefore a decisive factor in addition to size, number of slots and ease of use. In our range, you will find enclosure types that offer something to suit everyone.

Modding fans also get their money's worth at CSL Computer. With a coloured case fan or a cold light cathode, the PC case becomes an eye-catcher.



Working memory is largely responsible for reaction and access times. This means: a larger working memory has a positive effect on the working speed of your PC. If you frequently use performance-hungry applications, for example create HD videos yourself, use graphics programmes such as Photoshop for image editing or computationally intensive multimedia applications, we recommend upgrading to 8192 MB to 16384 MB of RAM.



All programmes, documents and of course the operating system are stored on the PC's hard disk. Those who want to save a lot of films, music and picture files should choose to upgrade to a hard disk of at least 1000 GB. This is because the higher the quality of the stored media files, the more storage space is needed (e.g. up to 10 GB for an HD film). Therefore, always plan a storage space reserve for the next few years of PC use.

It can also make sense to have two hard disks in a PC system: a fast SSD for the operating system and programmes and a second SATA hard disk for backing up files. Although an SSD hard disk is more expensive, it pays off in terms of speed. In many cases, faster access times are achieved.


Graphics card

Although complete PCs are often offered with sufficient RAM and the latest processor, many manufacturers skimp on the graphics card. In many cases, it is therefore worth investing in graphics and upgrading.

The choice of graphics card should depend on individual requirements. While a "simple" card is usually sufficient for pure office applications, image processing requires somewhat more graphics power. If you want to enjoy smooth 3D games, edit HD videos or use complex graphics programmes, you should opt for a graphics card from the mid- to upper price range.

DVD / Blu-Ray

DVD / Blu-Ray

When choosing a drive, it is crucial whether it is to be used purely for media playback or also for backing up and storing content. Since most software, e.g. Windows® 7, is now supplied on DVDs, a DVD drive is almost indispensable. If you want to burn data yourself, then a DVD burner would be the right choice for you.

For those who want to enjoy their favourite films in HD quality, a Blu-Ray drive is just the thing. If you want to be on the cutting edge of technology, opt for a Blu-Ray burner. With this drive, you can also burn your own films or other large amounts of data onto a Blu-Ray disc of up to 50 GB (dual layer).

Power supply

Power supply

The power supply unit provides all the components in your PC with the necessary voltage. The more powerful the components of a system, the higher the power requirement. Accordingly, upgrading PCs with new components may also require replacing the power supply.

PC systems from CSL Computer come standard with a power supply unit that is adapted to the demands of the corresponding PC. In case of component upgrades with higher power requirements, CSL Computer will of course adapt the power supply to the needs of the system. In addition, we offer special Eco power supplies. These extremely energy-efficient power supplies are 80PLUS® certified and pass on at least 80 percent of the power used to the PC.



Whether wireless or wired keyboard and mouse, TFT display, modding articles, webcams, TV stick/TV card or other interface cards - the need for additional hardware components for your own PC varies greatly from person to person. At CSL Computer, you can conveniently order the PC accessories that are right for you.

Our online shop offers a large selection of desktop sets consisting of keyboard and mouse for every requirement as well as TFT displays in different sizes. Would you like a TV card, an interface extension (e.g. USB 3.0) or a high-quality network solution in your PC? No problem, simply select and we will install the desired card in your ordered system.