Computer warranty extension options

CSL Computer gives a manufacturer's guarantee of 24 months on all PC systems, complete PC systems, mainboard / CPU bundles and upgrade PCs as well as tablets and notebooks that are manufactured by CSL Computer. The warranty period on rechargeable batteries, if any, is 12 months.*

It is also possible to book warranty extensions that extend and extend this standard warranty. In addition to the standard 24-month guarantee, we offer you a pick-up service or a guarantee extension plus pick-up service. In the event of a defect in the device, we will take care of everything for you, from picking it up and repairing it to returning it.

We can only offer the pick-up service within Germany. Pick-ups from other countries are not possible.

24-month guarantee plus pick-up service

The optional pick-up service makes warranty processing even easier for you. In the event of a defect in your device, simply call our customer service. We will then arrange for our service partner DHL to collect the device. The device will be picked up from you and returned to you once the repair has been completed, very simply and easily.

36-month warranty plus pick-up service

Extend your warranty period to 36 months and get an additional year of security even after the statutory warranty claims have expired. The 36-month guarantee also includes the pick-up service described above.

Price of the device

Up to 500 EUR

Up to 800 EUR

Over 800 EUR

Default 24 months




24 months including pickup

EUR 14.90

EUR 14.90

EUR 14.90

36 months including pickup

EUR 49.90

EUR 79.90

EUR 99.90


Report a warranty case

1. Report a warranty case

DHL collects your device from you

2. DHL collects your device from you

CSL Computer will repair or replace your defective device

3. CSL Computer will repair or replace your defective device

DHL will deliver your device back to you

4. DHL will deliver your device back to you

* The warranty claims exist in addition to the statutory warranty claims of the buyer and do not limit them in any way. Claiming the statutory warranty claims in the event of defects is free of charge. Defects caused by wear and tear, mechanical damage and damage caused by improper handling of the device are excluded from warranty claims. Warranty claims are non-assignable and can only be made by the direct customer of CSL Computer GmbH can be asserted. The guarantee is limited to the Federal Republic of Germany. The warranty claim must be made in writing, by fax or email to CSL Computer:

CSL Computer GmbH
Hanseatenstraße 34
30853 Langenhagen

Phone: +49 511 / 76 900 100
Fax: +49 511 / 76 900 199

E-Mail: shop@csl-computer.com
Internet: https://www.csl-computer.com/en/

be asserted within the warranty period, stating the defect. The warranty claim is limited to repair or replacement of the affected hardware component of equal or higher value. Further claims are excluded.