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The CSL PC Configurator: Put together your own dream PC with just a few clicks

With the CSL PC configurator, you can put together your very own individual PC system with just a few clicks. In our shop we have a large selection of pre-configured PC systems that cover a wide range of requirements.
But sometimes it just has to be something special - an optimally tailored configuration for special tasks or a dream PC with exclusive components. The CSL PC configurator is designed for these cases: The easiest way to your dream PC!

When you assemble your own PC, you have full control over the choice of components. You can choose the processor, graphics card, memory and other components, as well as additional peripherals that suit your own personal needs and preferences. You have full control over whether you want to use a CPU from Intel or AMD, whether a graphics card from AMD, Intel or NVIDIA should be installed, which RAM your system should get and how much memory you need. You benefit from an extensive selection of components, models and manufacturers from which you can put together your system. You always have full transparency about the components installed and the current price of your configuration. You can call up additional information and technical details via the info button of the respective components.

This allows you to create a PC that is tailored exactly to your needs, whether for gaming, content creation, video editing, office work or other tasks.

Which PC configurators does CSL offer?

First you make a pre-selection of the PC type. You can choose from the following three categories in order to meet the different requirements and preferences:

1. Gaming PC configurator

This configurator is perfect for gamers who need powerful systems to enjoy the latest games in high resolution and smooth frame rates. Choose the right graphics card, CPU and memory capacity to optimise your gaming experience.

Configure your gaming PC.

2. silent PC configurator

This configurator is designed for users who prefer a quiet and silent PC. With special components such as noise-insulating enclosures and quiet fans, you can enjoy your work or gaming experience in a quiet environment.

Configure your silent PC.

3. home & office PC configurator

If you need a PC for office use, this configurator offers a choice of reliable and cost-effective options. You can tailor the performance to your needs while creating an efficient and productive work environment.

Configure your Home & Office PC.

How do I put together my own PC system with the PC configurator?

After the pre-selection, you need to determine the base system. We have divided these models into Intel and AMD systems and they differ primarily in the processor socket / CPU generation and the main memory standard (DDR4 or DDR5). You can then upgrade the basic system with selected, compatible hardware. For each individual component selected, a real-time compatibility check is automatically carried out and the total price is updated. This ensures that only compatible PC hardware can be selected and that you can always keep an eye on your budget.

The most important PC components at a glance

The CSL PC Configurator offers you the possibility to individually select the most important components of your desired PC and to adjust them to your needs. Here are some of the key components you should pay particular attention to:

  1. Processor: The processor is the heart of your PC and has a significant influence on its performance. You have the choice between processors from Intel and AMD, which can meet different requirements. For gaming and demanding tasks, powerful multi-core processors with a high clock frequency are recommended.
  2. Graphics card: The graphics card is crucial for the display of graphics, videos and games. For a gaming PC, a powerful graphics card is essential to achieve high image quality and smooth frame rates. Choose a graphics card from AMD, Intel or NVIDIA that meets your requirements.
  3. Memory: Memory affects the speed and responsiveness of your system. Sufficient RAM (random access memory) is important for smooth multitasking and demanding applications. Choose the capacity and type (DDR4 or DDR5) of the RAM according to your needs.
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  5. SSD: A solid-state drive (SSD) provides fast data access and significantly reduces the loading times of operating systems and applications. For high performance and fast booting, an SSD is recommended as the primary storage medium. Choose sufficient storage capacity to meet your data needs.
  6. PC case: The case is important not only for the aesthetic aspect, but also for cooling and protecting your components. Choose an enclosure with good ventilation and enough space for your hardware. In addition, you can choose between different designs and sizes to suit your personal taste.
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  8. PC accessories: Besides the core components, PC accessories are also important to complement your system. These include keyboard, mouse, monitor, headsets and other peripherals. Choose high-quality accessories that meet your needs and provide a comfortable user experience.

Use the CSL PC configurator to carefully select the most important components of your desired PC. We offer a wide range of options and manufacturers to ensure you get the optimal combination of components. Configure your PC now and experience the performance and versatility that exactly meets your needs.

Frequently asked questions about the CSL PC Configurator

What is a PC configurator?

A PC configurator is an online tool that allows you to put together your own individual PC. With the CSL PC configurator, you can select the most important components such as processor, graphics card, RAM, SSD, PC case, PC accessories, operating system, software and much more and combine them according to your needs and preferences. It's a user-friendly way to create a customised PC that's tailored to your exact needs.

Why should I use a PC configurator?

The PC Configurator gives you the flexibility to build your PC to your own specifications. You have full control over the choice of components, which allows you to determine the performance, memory and features you need. By using the configurator, you can ensure that your PC is perfectly matched to your requirements and gives you the best value for money.

What are the advantages of a PC configurator?

The CSL PC configurator offers you several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to put together your PC individually, so that you can select exactly the components that meet your requirements. Secondly, you get full transparency on the prices of the selected components and can keep an eye on your budget. Thirdly, the configurator ensures that the selected components are compatible with each other to guarantee smooth functioning of the system. Finally, you save time and effort by not having to search through various websites to find the right components.

Is it difficult to use a PC configurator?

No, using the CSL PC configurator is easy and user-friendly. You are guided step by step through the configuration process and can select the components from a selection of options. Getting started is made easier by the subdivision into the categories Office-PC Configurator, Silent PC Configurator and Gaming PC Configurator, which allows you to make a quick pre-selection for the desired application area of your system. Our PC configurator also offers helpful information and descriptions of the individual components to help you make your decision. Should you still have any questions, our customer support is available to help you. You can reach us:
By phone at +49 511 / 76 900 100, Mon - Fri from 8am - 7pm, Sat from 9am - 3pm or by email at [email protected]

PC Product Finder

You can also upgrade any pre-configured PC system in our shop with the PC configurator. With the PC product finder, you can easily find a suitable system that you can upgrade with your desired components and design according to your ideas.

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Large selection of brand components

Large selection of brand components

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Customer service 6 days / week

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Structured, professional PC build

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Extensive test run before delivery

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Secure transport via DHL

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